Electro Dermal Screening - What is the state of your health? FIND OUT!
Nutritional Counseling at its Very Best!
A first time visit with Ruth Ann Burgueno includes Hi-Tesh Nutritional Testing with Asyra Electro Dermal Screening (EDS).  This testing includes Functional 
Analysis of Organ Systems, Stress Evaluation, Allergy Food Testing, and
Suggestions for Nutritional Aids, help for many other major problems and preventative nutrition.
If you are interested in finding out how well you are functioning and how you can improve your health, this is the place to go.  No where else can you get such personalized help as far as improving your health and lifestyle.  Ruth Ann
can help you toose weight, buildup your immune system, or address any
speciific problelm that you may have. 
All nutritional supplements and foods are tested to see if they are right and beneficial for you. We have the latest Nutritional Preventative Health Care Supplements and state of the art Testing.
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450 Jordan Rd., Suite 9        928-282-9540
Sedona, AZ 86336
Honored Member of the Heritage Registry of Who's Who
Woman of the Year 2006, American Biological Institute
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